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Submitting patient orders is an essential process to ensure efficient and accurate testing for Home Health, Hospice, and Assisted Living facilities. This guideline aims to provide a step-by-step process to submit patient orders seamlessly, facilitating timely and accurate testing.

Required Information:

Before submitting patient orders, verify you are contracted with the laboratory for ancillary services, please call Client Services at 626-303-8674 to confirm. Gather all the necessary patient information to streamline the process. The following details are required:

  1. Patient Information: Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address, and Contact Information.
  2. Healthcare Provider Information: Name, Contact Details, and any specific requirements or instructions.
  3. Insurance Information: Insurance company name, policy number, and any required authorizations or pre-approvals.
  4. Test Details: Specific tests to be performed, including the name, ICD-10 codes, and any additional instructions.

If any orders are submitted without one of the following, the order will be on hold until the laboratory receives all four requirements.

Submission Method:

MD Laboratory offers various submission methods to accommodate the needs of different facilities. Determine the preferred method for submitting patient orders:

  1. Email: MD Laboratory accepts patient orders via email. Please send all lab orders to mdlabsfax@gmail.com. This method is preferred as it allows for easy tracking and real-time updates.
  2. Fax: Some facilities still prefer faxing patient orders. MD Laboratory accepts patient orders via fax. Please fax all lab orders to 626-256-9098 and ensure legible transmission of all relevant information.

Submitting Orders via Email or Fax:

For facilities using email or fax, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the patient order form or requisition is complete and accurate.
  2. Include all necessary attachments, such as facility face sheet, patient demographics, insurance authorization forms or physician prescriptions.
  3. Confirm the correct fax number or email address designated for order submissions.
  4. Transmit the order and any additional documents.
  5. Please call Client Services at 626-303-8674 to confirm receipt of all Fax Orders and ensure all information is legible and complete.

By following this guideline, Home Health, Hospice, and Assisted Living facilities can ensure a smooth and efficient process for submitting patient orders. Clear communication and accurate information exchange will facilitate timely and accurate testing, ultimately benefiting patient care.